Episode 3 - Back to Basics and Team Elimination

Episode Three - Masterchef Australia - Back to Basics - Team Challenges and Eliminations

Day 3 on Masterchef saw those ten contestants who scored the lowest votes in the signature dish in Episode 2 made to undergo a back to basics team challenge. Eight of the ten contestants were set to be eliminated in this episode.

It was an early start for the team - 6.45 am, before each contestant was asked to choose their partner for the challenge. The challenge was to present two dishes - one main and one desert with ingredients sourced directly from the farm.

Each of the pairs were given $50, a car and a map with seven different farms where they could source their ingredients. Each of the farms specialised in different produce.

The teams were as follows:

Anthony Howell and Justin Moran

Philip Vakos and Andrea Heading

Siobhan Halse and Kim McGinnis

Richard Gunner and Stuart Pritchard

Jennifer Anne and Kate Zahner

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. While most of the teams worked together to collect their produce direct from the farms and the butcher, there was obvious tension between Phillip and Andrea. There was concern from Philip over the time taken by Andrea to collect the ingredients and over her decision to cook the main dish.

It all came to a head as Andrea and Phil arrived back to Masterchef headquarters. Andrea had decided not to cook, but was talked back to the competition by George and Gary. It didn't last long, with Andrea finally leaving Philip to cook by himself.

The teams then worked to create their fresh food mains and deserts, with Philip taking up the challenge to continue cooking both dishes.

Jennifer and Kate produced Poached Chicken in Vegetable Broth for main and a White Peach Ice Cream and Raspberry Sorbet

Anthony and Justin served up Herb Crusted rack of Lamb with Vegetables and Raspberries with Profiteroles.

Richard and Stuart put forward Lam with Leek, Spinach and Goat's Cheese and a Trio of Fruit with Goat's Cheese

Siobhan and Kim served Rack of Pork with Caramelised Peach Puree and Mixed Berry Baked Cheesecake.

Philip put together two dishes, Risotto with Goat's Cheese, Spinach and Mushroom and Shortcrust Strawberry Tart.

And the two judged to be the best of the team challenge....

Jennifer and Kate

All other contestants were eliminated from Masterchef Australia series 2. Or were they?

There was a surprise for one. While his risotto was not judged up to scratch, Philip Vakos' Strawberry tart was highly rated by the judges as was his determination to continue in the face of adversity. For his efforts he was granted a lifeline - and remained in the competition.

Does this mean a final 25 contestants instead of 24 after the first week?


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