Celebrity Chef Challenge

Masterchef Australia Celebrity Chef Challenge

Masterchef Australia airs on Network 10 for 6 nights every week, slotting in at 7.30pm. Each episode (except Friday) will feature a different challenge with two eliminations every week. Friday nights will feature a Masterclass.

Tuesday nights on Masterchef Australia will feature the Celebrity Chef Challenge, where one contestant will cook off with a well known chef. The winner of the invention test on Sunday night will cook a dish chosen by the celebrity. The dish will then be blind tasted and judged by Gary, Matt and George as well as a guest judge.

If the Masterchef contestant is judged to have created a better dish than the celebrity chef, they will be granted a lifeline to stay in the competition if they are placed in an elimination round in a later challenge. This differs from series one, where a winner of a chef challenge was sent off to train at a restaurant for a number of weeks before reappearing later in the show.

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