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Masterchef Australia Contestant Justin Moran

More than 7000 applicants submitted their names to take part in the second season of Masterchef Australia. That list was cut down to just 50 to take part in the first week of the program, before being culled again to a top 24.

Masterchef Australia features 6 shows per week, with numerous challenges and two elimination rounds. A Masterclass session is held once a week.

Justin Moran is aged 36 and is a Businessman from Victoria.

A Current Affair launched a scathing attack on Justin Moran on the eve of the third episode, claiming that he was a failed businessman, a bankrupt and previously charged with contempt of court. They also claim that he had been banned from holding a liquor licence for 20 years. A Current Affair also claim that they had been contacted by numerous people stating that he owes them money.

For his part, Justin Moran made a statement to A Current Affair suggesting that the matters raised were all in his past.

Justin Moran was eliminated in the third episode of Masterchef.


Anonymous said...

ACA has done a great service to the community by bopping this nasty character while his head was high.

Fran said...

He is a good guy, seriously, must be a slow news day.

Anonymous said...

No way this guy really is a loser! Believe me I KNOW.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

He was in contempt of court for serving alcohol outside the license regulations, he did go bankrupt, he is an absolute lunatic, and duped some investors in a internet social network called funky sexy cool where he stated untrue performance metrics. He also had a huge drug habit and used to have friends in the police force who'd help him off many of his run ins with the law. As the saying goes - what goes around comes around and we hear he has his just desserts now

Australian MasterChef season 2 said...

there is no loser in a game if you did all your best. if he entered in the top 24 then he is good. read about justin at

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